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Daily post features this fabulous retro home overlooking Prestatyn being marketed for sale through LL Estates.

It's very rare to find a designer home from the early '70s with its high-end interiors still in immaculate condition - even more so to discover it has incredible panoramic views and a generous garden.

For anyone who adores vintage and classic retro interiors with fixtures and fittings from the past, this four-bed, detached home is a true gem.

According to the estate agent selling the home, this amazing house was built around 1971 by the then owner of the plot of land, Wales Online reports.

A local builder, he chose a design heavily influenced by the cool and classic luxury interiors from the 1960s; it was his home to showcase his work, so no expense was spared.

The gently sloping plot lent itself to a design that was surely influenced by the incredible views of the golf course opposite and the expansive sea and Snowdonia mountain range views stretching out on the horizon.

The design of the house inside, of course, centres around these mesmerising views with the main reception rooms protruding out from the centre of the property, hovering over the front garden.

The huge picture window and adjacent integrated balcony ensure that those immense views can be enjoyed outdoors as well as indoors.

From the very outset, this type of extra design detail and careful thought will make most potential buyers excited to see what this designer pad from the past can offer inside.

Immediately the entrance hall sets the wonderful retro tone of the home.

Up an open-slat mini staircase with feature wrought iron metalwork, then past the wood veneer wall panelling and into the sensational lounge.

Drawn immediately to the seating area clustered around the incredible view, the design of the protruding section of the house now makes more sense, allowing unobstructed views from three angles, via three large windows.

This is obviously the party room of the house, as well as the room with the best view.

One end of the space has a comfortable seating area surrounded by the views, one end has a funky bar, still totally intact from the day it was crafted.

Another pleasing genuine feature from the past that shines in this room, and throughout most of the house, is the bespoke carpentry, creating built-in shelving and storage that sits seamlessly within the high-end, mid-century designer decor.

Next to the lounge, accessed via a cool, sliding louvre door, is the dining room.

Again, the main initial talking point in this space is the views from the adjoining balcony, but once a visitor comes back in from this bonus outdoor space, there's plenty of designer touches to enjoy in this room.

The partially dropped ceiling adds interest, especially when combined with the wood panelling that demands you look up and admire it.

The plate rack is a useful addition to add more interest above and references back to a popular design feature in houses from about a century ago.

Wood features heavily in the property.

In a number of spaces in this amazing home from the past, the ceiling has been given extra attention.

This makes each area shine as a unique space, with points of interest literally surrounding you, above as well as below.

Maybe the best example of this is in the lounge, where the sleek wooden suspended ceiling over the picture window helps to frame this space but visually balances it too, ably assisted by the integrated, hidden lighting.

Of course, there's a classic hatch in this classic retro house, but it's not between the kitchen and the dining room, but the kitchen and the bar area in the lounge.

Where you might expect a hatch in the dining room there is actually a large window serving lovely views of the rear garden rather than lovely views of lumpy mashed potato.

But it's arguably the kitchen and bathrooms where this house can show its strongest past design credentials.

This house might have been constructed in 1971 but it is showcasing some of the best and more tasteful 1960s design elements that money could buy at the time.

So there are no garish colours in this luxury pad; no orange kitchen units, large patterns on the walls or an avocado bathroom suite - all classic 1970s features that would grow in popularity as the decade progressed.

In the kitchen, the units are classic white but feature an added designer touch via integrated strips of wooden handles.

And if you think kitchen islands are a relatively recent 'must-have' for any swanky pad that has the floor space, this house tells you to think again - this kitchen island houses the kitchen sink.

Yes, the tiled walls boast a pattern, but it's a soft green, almost delicate design that enhances rather than overwhelms the space.

The room is lit by a fluorescent strip light, popular at the time but not considered a design classic by many in this, its original form.

Off the kitchen is a handy utility room that includes doors to the front and back gardens.

The rear of the house, which sits slightly above the living area in a raised block that makes use of the gentle slope of the land, is dedicated to sleeping, studying and soaking.

There is a family bathroom and four bedrooms, with the master and bedroom two boasting an ensuite.

The master bedroom runs along the rear of the house which means not only does it have engaging views of the garden, it can also entice an owner to enjoy brunch in their pyjamas and slippers on the private terrace, accessed via a set of patio doors.

The principal bedroom has built-in wardrobes where louvre doors make another appearance, but it's in the ensuite where the design from decades ago demands the most attention.

Back in the day, this house was and still is, a posh pad with the best interior design so you won't find a common avocado bathroom suite here, this house deserved something less popular, so peach makes an entrance.

This shower room is so immaculate even the built-in sink vanity unit has survived the test of time, the carpet looks spotless, and the tiles are sparkling; even the grouting looks in great condition.

But no designer home from the early '70s would be truly complete without a statement corner bath and the family bathroom can provide this classic.

The bedroom, again, this room may be vintage but the decor is not overwhelming, with a soft beige bath and pale green tiles.

For anyone disappointed that the sink unit looks like a recent replacement, hopefully, their joy will be enhanced by rows of mirrored tiles framing the bath.

Bedroom four is currently being used as a study and dotted around the house can be found handy storage cupboards.

There is a lower ground floor garage handy for storage too, which can be found tucked under the protruding reception rooms at the front.

Outside, the size of the garden becomes clear when you stand at the back of the plot and survey land.

It's big for a residential home on the street, just over half an acre because the estate agent says it is actually a double plot.

The topography of the land has created a number of layers of garden lawns and terraces but the clever design of the house uses the slope of the land to its advantage rather than fight against it.

The 'stepped' design of the house slowly descends down the slope, resulting in the rear garden not being hindered by the view of the house; the rooftop of the rear sloping section quickly gives way to the panoramic views beyond.

And if you love genuine and immaculate retro interior design, the panoramic decor views inside will equally excite.

This fabulous retro home overlooking Prestatyn in Denbighshire is for sale for offers over £600,000 with LL Estates, give their Rhuddlan branch a call on 01745 591811 to find out more.

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