Home office inspiration!

It doesn’t matter whether your home office will be created for working from home, running a business or just organising your finances, it’s still a space where you should be comfortable working in.

This means eliminating the idea of having an old chair and rickety desk shoved into a corner.
Here are our tips on best creating a stylish yet functional work area.
Opt for practicality
Before you go furniture shopping, think about how you work and what pieces you’ll need in the immediate vicinity. By all means go after items that look nice, but don’t make it the sole priority, instead look to strike a balance between form and functionality. Anything you buy for your office should complement the other rooms in your home, or else it’ll appear like an isolated and random area. Opt for a traditional design if your home already leans that way, or a contemporary design if it’s more modern.
Where will it be?
There’s a good chance you’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, so try not to skimp on space. It’s also worth thinking about which areas in your home are the busiest, do you thrive on being surrounded by activity, or do you prefer peace and quiet? If you host regular client meetings then a private space might be more suitable.
Don’t forget the walls
There’s no need to follow the standard office colour scheme (unless you really want to). Go for a colour that you think will help you work harder, whether it’s a calm shade of pastel, or a bright and energetic yellow or pink.
Think about how certain colours make you feel and whether you can implement them in your workspace.
Choose the right chair
This is where you’ll be sitting – for often hours at a time – so choosing a nice looking, comfortable chair is a must. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit extra either!
Think about your view
Whether it’s a window with a view, a beautiful picture above the desk or a unique bookcase, have something nicer to look at than a blank wall.
Lighten up
Ensure your home office has enough light to prevent headaches and eye strain. And do your best to position your computer away from any windows to prevent glare. Task lighting is also worth the investment, this could be in the form of a reading or desk lamp.
Make it feel like a home
It’s an office, but it’s your office, so don’t feel like you can’t decorate it with things that make you feel at home, this could be your child’s painting, framed photos or inspirational prints.
Organise your technology with care
These days technology is essential to many professions, but with it comes a gaudy sight of wires and cords. Ensure your technology is situated close to outlets and can be unplugged easily. It’s probably worth opting for a desk with a desk grommet to feed the cords through and hide them underneath, along with a cord winder to prevent them becoming unruly.