Is it time to take your home off the market?

If you ask a seller whether they want their property sold quickly, the answer will always be yes. We all dream of having a seamless process for selling a home, but the reality may differ from our expectations. So, when would it be time to take your property off the market for a break?

One question you want to ask yourself having observed your property on the market for so long is how long is too long for my property to remain here? You certainly do not want your property to stay on the market for so long that prospective buyers begin to wonder if there is something wrong with it. Here is how you would know when it is time to take your home off the market for a break.

When you generate no interest for 3 months - Little interest and you may be wary but no interest at all, you should be worried! The average time a property in the UK spends on the market irrespective of its type is 90 to 100 days and where your property generates no interest in that time, and then it might be time to take your home off the market for a break and consider marketing it with another agent.

When prospective buyers lay major complaints - These are signs that your property needs a major fix and you may want to take it off the market to fix it. Words often spread fast and people often leave reviews online sometimes, warning people off making bad purchases and you certainly do not want anyone to taint your property. Consider taking it off to work on such issues and you can even go the extra length to show the before and after pictures of your property after they’ve been taken care of.

Just before you take your property off the market, you want to ensure that you have rid yourselves of factors that might be impeding its sales like…

Where your asking price is too high - You may consider reducing the pricing on your property to attract more buyers. Get an evaluator to re-assess the property and fix a new selling price. Many agents over value to get your business and you may find that the actual market price is a little less.

Not enlisting proper help – Aside from putting your home in the best condition pre-sale, you should make sure that you have all the bases covered. Get an agent who understands your market, has fantastic home marketing techniques, and will work hard to get your home sold quickly.

Once your home is off the market, make a plan to get it back on after a break. Enlist a great estate agent and gather some advice on the best way to get your home sold. You’ll be thanking yourself once it’s back on, and sells quickly