Top 16 period features increasing in popularity th

From wall panelling to ceiling cornices, these are highly sought-after…

Wall panelling, ceiling cornices and Victorian fireplaces are among the most popular period features surging in popularity this year.

With #periodhomestyle tagged 30,000 times on Instagram, it’s not hard to figure out that we love period properties. Pages, hashtags, websites, and more are dedicated to highlighting and preserving these gorgeous features which make a period home stand out.

To find the most popular ones, we collated the number of Instagram hashtags per trend, uncovering what households are loving online.

Taking the top spot is ceiling cornices, with more than 211,550 tagged Instagram posts featuring the traditional design. Adding a decorative touch to the corners of rooms where walls and ceilings meet, we're not surprised it's one of the most popular.

In second and third place, respectively, came wall panelling (148,410) and timber floors (110,377).

Unlike shorter-lived interior trends, panelling is here to stay due to its timeless appeal, as well as being an easy DIY task to take on yourself. Timber floors are also catching on, giving your home an authentic look.

Elsewhere, other sought-after features include Victorian fireplaces (21,119), ceiling roses (17,351) and cast-iron radiators (14,516). While many want to modernise their homes, it seems Brits still want to inject a little tradition, too.

Take a look at the full findings below...

Top 16 interior period features increasing in popularity

1. Ceiling cornices (211,550 Instagram hashtags)

2. Panelling (148,410)

3. Timber floors (110,377)

4. Encaustic tiles (63,589)

5. Corbels (35,300)

6. Roll-top bath (31,703)

7. Skirting board (24,493)

8. Victorian fireplace (21,119)

9. Architrave (20,164)

10. Ceiling roses (17,351)

11. Beams (15,752)

12. Cast iron radiator (14,516)

13. Picture rails (11,453)

14. Butler sink (8,098)

15. Dado rails (4,568)

16. Victorian floor tiles (4,567)

Have you got these in your home and you’re looking to make the most of them for your sale? Or perhaps these are exactly the features you’re looking for in your next home? Get in touch, we can help!